The project aims to support the creation the new Youth Councils in Lower Silesia, Poland and to provide support for the existing local and regional YC. During the project we will provide comprehensive support for young councils and local governments that will decide to create it, since preparations for the establishment of the council, through the elections, to organize the trainings and to propose a catalog of various forms of workshops.


  • Contract number: ????
  • Funding Programme: EEA Grants
  • Nr of Participating Countries: 2
  • Start date: 01.02.2015 
  • End date: 30.09.2016
  • Status: CLOSED


  1. To develop the youth activity in local communities in Lower Silesia, Poland.
  2. To promote the idea of youth participation in public life and giving young people opportunities to actively participate in the decision-making.
  3. To promote the idea of a public consultation among young people.
  4. To promote interest and participation in democratic processes among young people.
  5. To provide for local young leaders a new knowledge and useful tools for taking various actions in the local environment.


The project foresees a Study Visit to Norway:

This will be the activity for the most active members of local youth councils participating in this project and from regional youth council. In the visit 20 young people and the 4 group leaders will take part in a 3 days activity.

The main idea of the visit is to give young people the opportunity to exchange experiences, meet with other active youngsters, visit similar organizations/institutions in Norway and see how they work.

The participants will be given the opportunity to get to know interesting tools for daily work, show them good practices and example of work of young council and ways of cooperation with local government. It is expected that the young participants will create the foundations for further cooperation and common international projects.




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