Today we live in a very special age. An age where Technology and Globalization has led to a free flow of information like no human has ever experienced before. The fast changing trends of technology create a bigger challenge for the educators to understand the needs, interests and capabilities of the youth of today. The changing advertising trends in brand slogans aimed at youth and young adults such as Adidas’ ‘Impossible is nothing’, EA sports ‘Challenge everything’, Nike ‘Just do it’, Reebok’ ‘I am what I am’, and Apple’s ‘Think different’, influence the youth of today to follow their dreams in a very powerful and persuasive way. Therefore it is important that the education systems make relevant changes with the times we live in.

As Sir Ken Robinson so eloquently mentioned in his famous TED speech, the current school system is only training and testing children’s ability to memorise and execute, instead of stimulating their intelligence. The result is an education system that is oriented towards mass production and is undermining their huge creative potential, generating incomplete and unsatisfied individuals as opposed to creatively balanced and evolved human beings.

The project “I Have a Dream – Life Coaching for Youth ” is essentially a youth development program for Youth Workers. It can be described as set of tools to guide youth and young adults, on how to identify and develop their potential to an optimum level. The program was based on the idea that if your life was a book and you were the author, how you would write your story. We all have many dreams and aspirations growing up but we let go of them as we grow into adulthood. One of the key reasons we give up on our dreams from our youth is because of a lack of structured guidance on how to go about achieving them, hence the reason for the creation of this training.


  • Contract number: 2015-3-NO02-KA105-000637
  • Funding Programme: Erasmus + Programme
  • Action: KA1 – Mobility of learners and staff
  • Nr of Participating Countries: 12
  • Start date: 01.01.2016 
  • End date: 31.12.2016
  • Status: ongoing


The project aims to give tools to participants dealing with young people, to better understand and unlock their potential using methods that trigger the power of the mind and body in order to facilitate them to become active citizens and fully participate in our globalized multi-cultural society.

To achieve this aim the following objectives were formulated:

  1. Give tools and methods to youth workers/leaders to increase young people self-awareness and self-development;
  2. Increase capacity of the organizations and youth workers to educate youth about healthy lifestyle and healthy behaviors;
  3. Develop youth workers/leaders capacity and techniques to help them to develop soft skills of youngsters with fewer opportunities in a globalized multi-cultural society;
  4. Develop a long lasting partnership for implementing quality Erasmus + projects, to fight youth unemployment and its consequences towards youth;
  5. Develop an adequate non formal approach to raise the entrepreneurial skills and competences of young people amongst youth workers/leaders.


The training course will include various non-formal education methods such as ice-breakers and energizers, team building exercises, small group discussions, role-plays, individual exercises and reflection, feedback and evaluation activities. This project will be an excellent opportunity to develop key competences and to share good practices across Europe, to develop strong relationships between partners and so to multiply the effects of the course by increasing the cooperation between partners through the development of new projects and initiatives.


  1. Cyprus: PlanBe, Plan it Be it
  2. Czech Republic: European Youth Centre Breclav z.s.
  3. Denmark: IPC student union
  4. Germany: Verein zu Pflege jüdischer Bildung und Kultur e.V.
  5. Hungary: SHARE
  6. Italy: Teatro della Zucca
  7. FYR Macedonia: Zdruzhenie Na Alumnisti Na Programata Svt Skopje
  8. Poland: Centrum Inicjatyw Unesco
  9. Romania: Asociatia Turistica Pentru Natura Oxigen
  10. Slovakia: Youthfully Yours SR 
  11. United Kingdom: UNA Exchange 
  12. Portugal: Ananda Cooperativa Multissetorial 


The available budget is 29.958,00 EUR




Cyprus 2 360.00 720.00
Czech Republic 2 275.00 550.00
Denmark 2 275.00 550.00
Germany 2 275.00 550.00
Hungary 2 275.00 550.00
Italy 2 275.00  550.00
Macedonia 2 360.00 720.00
Poland 2 275.00 550.00
Portugal 3 360.00  1,080.00
Romania 2 360.00 720.00
Slovakia 2 275.00 550.00
United Kingdom 2 275.00 550.00

Please read all about the reimbursement procedures and rules before you book your travel – CLICK HERE  


The project has been funded with support from the European Commission and the Norwegian National Agency with the ERASMUS+ Programme.


DISCLAIMER: The materials produced in this project contain beneficiary opinions and views and neither the Norwegian National Agency or the European Commission may be held responsible for content.

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