“Human Rights Education in Youth Work” was a training course implemented in Judaberg, Norway from 18th to 25th of February, 2012 and brought together 24 youth workers and leaders from 6 countries – Romania, Germany, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway and Poland.

The Training course aims to promote the social rights, human rights and solidarity through volunteering and active citizenship of the youngsters by providing them opportunity to express their view, related to using human rights education and educational approach.

The training addresses the need of youth workers and youth leaders to be equipped with a new set of tools and methods to tackle social inclusion and human rights education, in order to integrate them into real work. It will also stimulate the use of the Youth in Action programme as a tool to enhance the social inclusion, active citizenship and employability of young people with fewer opportunities and to contribute to social cohesion in general.

The project will involve not only partners organizations from Europe, but also try to involve other Norwegian organizations which are working on human rights issues, in this way assuring dissemination and exploitation of results to bigger amount of organizations.


  • Contract number: NO-43-14-2011-R5
  • Funding Programme: Youth in Action Programme
  • Action: Action 4.3 – Training and networking
  • Activity type: Training Course
  • Nr of Participating Countries: 6
  • Nr of Participants: 20
  • Start date: 01/02/2012
  • End date: 01/06/2012
  • Status: concluded


“Human Rights Education in Youth Work” was designed for youth workers and youth leaders, working with youngsters with discriminated youth and youth with fewer opportunities and seeking for new tools and methods to work on promoting human rights education and empowering this target to claim its rights.

Within the context described above, TC has as main objectives:

  • To equip the youth leaders and youth workers with new tools and methods on human rights education
  • To promote the Inclusion Strategy within the Youth in Action context
  • To provide the youth leaders, youth workers and project managers with a new methodological set based on elements of social animation, movie making and competences development skills
  • To provide the youth leaders, youth workers and project managers with the opportunity to share their experiences and their good practices working with youngsters with fewer opportunities and discriminated youth on human rights projects and initiatives
  • To provide the 24 participants with the opportunity to work together with the other associations and with the local associations from 6 different European countries, in order to set up new projects on human rights education
  • To come up with new approach boost solidarity between youngsters with different social backgrounds and ensure sustainable development
  • To create an active network of multipliers on human rights education
  • To promote Human Rights and Human Rights Education through a set of methods and tools based on experiential learning
  • To promote the main methodological materials and tools on HR and HRE – Compass being the most important one
  • To promote 2011’s priorities as the European Year of Volunteering especially through promoting the exchange of good practices on volunteering
  • To promote the European priorities of 2011 and to promote the Youth in Action programme
  • To promote the intercultural learning and intercultural dialogue



The final budget was 193.062,00 NOK