In the frame of the project we will organize an international youth exchange for people aged 15-21 years old from Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Norway and Romania.

The members of the groups are young people living in small towns that do not normally have the opportunity to come into contact and meet people from other countries, as well as the possibility of international travels; which could increase the attitudes of xenophobia and dislike for otherness and the feeling of social apathy.

During the 7-day meeting in Poland we want to get to know the cultures of the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Italy, Norway, Hungary and Greece through a linguistic and virtual travel.

The dissemination of the results of the project includes a local action on the walking street of the city with countries and language presentation and the presentation of the film about the exchange, handing leaflets, games and fun.


  • Contract number: 2016-1-NO02-KA105-000682
  • Funding Programme: Erasmus + 
  • Action: KA1 – Youth mobility
  • Nr of Participating Countries: 6
  • Start date: 01.05.2016
  • End date: 31.10.2016
  • Status: ongoing


The main aim of the project is to increase inter-culture awareness and sensitivity toward people from different countries. The objectives are:

  • Break down stereotypes about foreign countries;
  • Increase knowledge about local architecture, dresses, ways of behavior of participant countries;
  • Increase language skills, especially English;
  • Increase knowledge and skills in planning, implementation and evaluation of international projects;
  • Increase the ability to work in an international team;
  • Acquire the skills of independence, overcoming the difficulties and moving with the new.


The project foresees the following outputs:


The working methods used during the meeting will be:
– Workshops, presentations, preparing train stations as a symbol of each culture, local action in Kwidzyn, language game in Gdansk starin station, quizzes, performances and many other active methods.


Activity 1 


As a main result we want to create our own international train station as a symbol of unity and common understanding of youth from 7 different countries.

After the exchange we want to organize presentations in schools, presentations for young people at Akwedukt Association and in the partner countries, a web blog with film and photos of the exchange.

The expected effects of the project are:

  1. An attitude of openness towards the other cultures, religions, beliefs. Increased awareness and desire for international travels, which will have its result in the future mobility of young people in Europe.
  2. The improvement of practical skills in planning, implementation and evaluation of a project, necessary in school and life. The youth will have also the chance to improve their language skills. In addition, they will get to learn new IT tools, ie. doodle, google +, dropbox, PPT presentations and Prezi, creating movies in media player or Animoto. These are the skills needed in particular on the current labor market or during higher education.


The available budget is 19.740,00 EUR


The project has been funded with support from the European Commission and the Norwegian National Agency with the ERASMUS+ Programme.


DISCLAIMER: The materials produced in this project contain beneficiary opinions and views and neither the Norwegian National Agency or the European Commission may be held responsible for content.

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