Project Results – INSPIRAL

Project Results – INSPIRAL

The project “INSPIRAL” was a Key Action 1 – Mobility of Youth Workers funded by Erasmus + Programme aiming to give 24 youth workers/ leaders skills, resources and tools to become better leaders in the future as active participants in their local communities and organizations. The objectives of the project were:

  1. to encourage participants to undertake tasks and responsibilities of the leaders;
  2. increase operational capacity between the partners, inform them about opportunities under the ERASMUS + Programme and support development of a long lasting partnership.

The participants of this project were involved in different activities through the methodology of non-formal education such as simulations, role playing, open space discussions, brainstorming, ice-breakers and reflection groups. By using this non-formal education methods the participants developed leadership skills to become relevant actors locally and at a European level. The development of such competencies will be helpful for young people to apply it in their everyday life, but most importantly in everyday work in their NGOs and local communities. As a result, participants of the project will become stronger leaders and will be able to organize a number of initiatives and share knowledge with their peers in their local communities.

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The project had the following outcomes:

  1. It enhanced the capacity of the partner organizations to develop leadership skills for young people;
  2. It has strengthened the organizational management of the partners involved ensuring sustainable results for their work;
  3. It has fostered international cooperation between youth organizations from different countries and promoted social entrepreneurship among young people;
  4. It has strengthen the network between youth organizations from Programme and Partner countries under the Erasmus+ Programme.


The project was a training course to be implemented between 15- 23 of September 2016 bringing together 24 Youth Workers, Leaders and
volunteers in order to give them tools to address important subjects as communication, self-development and leadership.

Participants will be involved in different activities through the methodology of non-formal education such as simulations, role-playing, open space discussions, brainstorming, ice-breakers and reflection groups. By using non-formal education methods the trainers will emphasize to the participants the importance of dialogue on each level of their life, starting with their closest people, but also self-development and leadership from local to intercultural European level.

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The following links are a direct result of the activities of this project and it gathers materials, videos, articles, posts and other social media tools created by the participants.

  1. Youtube Video:


Toolbox – Conflict Styles

VAP Tools –

Hand note and tools – T-Kit Youth Transforming Conflict


After each activity, there was a written evaluation with a set of 7 groups of questions. The level of achievement was given by a scale from 1 to 4 (being 1 bad and 4 very good). The final scores were summarized in a percentage (Bad 0-25%; Need Improvement 26-50%; Good 51-75% and Very Good 76-100%).

The participants have evaluated the activities of the project as follows:

 A1 69% Good 64% 71% 77% 62% 69% 70% 70%



The available budget was 188,235,00 NOK

Travel Costs:

Activity Costs:

Exceptional Costs:

Administrative Costs:


The project has been funded with support from the European Commission and the Norwegian National Agency with the ERASMUS+ Programme.


DISCLAIMER: The materials produced in this project contain beneficiary opinions and views and neither the Norwegian National Agency or the European Commission may be held responsible for content.