Kalliopi Kalesi

Kalliopi Kalesi

Board Member

Member since 2015

Poppy brings exceptional understanding of the functioning of the EU process with considerable cross-sector insight into sustainable energy issues – policy development and implementation (energy, climate and R&D policy, EU and Member States), industry (R&D and innovation, marketing, trading, sales and business development), academia (writing proposals, addressing innovation in higher education) and as a budding entrepreneur.

Strategic and systematic, Poppy has a strong track record of good quality work on complex assignments explaining the impact and potential outcomes on the business, possible options and forming a clear vision. Highly networked both in Brussels and across the EU, she gets things done, digging into the issues, addressing them from different angles, see relevant connections and communicate insights in a clear and effective way, leaving people with the feeling that working together adds value, no matter how difficult or complex the desired end result.

A trained innovation facilitator with experience of driving innovation she delivers true value, in particular when combined with her strength within sustainability, renewables and EU issues. Educated in international relations and economics with an MA in European Politics.

Speaks and works in English, French, Greek and Norwegian with good understanding of Italian, Spanish, German, Swedish and Danish.