Ijhaz Mohideen

Ijhaz Mohideen

Board Member

Member since 2015

Ijhaz Mohideen has been working with youth and young adults since 2009.

Upon completing a degree in Business administration, leadership and motivational theory, also attended a 6 month youth empowerment programme involving 122 young people from 35 countries with the aim of transforming Europe into a stress and violence free environment through the teaching of yoga, breathing techniques, mediation, theatre, dance, music, public speaking, non violent communication and conflict resolution.

Originally from Sri Lanka, lived 8 years in London and has been living in Norway since 2008. Because of this multicultural experience, he has a deep cross cultural understanding.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
P16001 I HAVE A DREAM – Life Coaching for Youth 7 days + 2 travel days 22.11.2016
P15001 A1 INSPIRAL 7 days + 2 travel days 15.09.2016
P14007 A5 INNOVATE THE FUTURE 7 days + 2 travel days 22.04.2016
P14007 A3 FROM YOU TO YOUTH 7 days + 2 travel days 12.04.2016