Daniel Ommundsen

Daniel Ommundsen

Board Member

Member since 2015

Daniel Huth Ommundsen has more than 10 years of affiliation to youth projects in Norway, Europe and Africa. In University he was elected Vice president in the student board and served as a full time 1 year employee to the university.

With a BA in sustainabledevelopment, combined with a diploma in social entrepreneurship and introduction on master level to green energy, his academic background is green and social entrepreneurship. In 2012 he worked and lived in rural Malawi, where he had been running youth projects since 2006.

This job led to the creation of the rural electrification company called Kumudzi Kuwale, that was a direct initiative from him, and in 2014 won the seed Africa award. https://www.seed.uno/awards/all/2014/1374-kumudzi-kuwale.html