Project Results – INSPIRE THE FUTURE

Project Results – INSPIRE THE FUTURE

The project “Inspire the Future” aimed to enhance social inclusion of young people, tackling unemployment through social entrepreneurship. The project had an holistic approach and strengthen the partners capacity to enhance social cohesion in Europe and contribute to the well being of young people. Apart of that, the project strengthen the cooperation between youth organizations and social enterprises in order to commonly address challenges of young people. Furthermore, throughout the project the participants had the opportunity to work on concrete follow up projects through Erasmus+ programme ensuring the sustainability of the youth work and enhancing their international dimension.

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The project had the following outcomes:

  1. It has strengthened the capacity of the partner organizations to promote social entrepreneurship among young people;
  2. It has enhanced the capacity of the partner organizations to respond to challenges in the society through innovation and social entrepreneurship;
  3. It enhanced the capacity of the partner organizations to develop leadership skills for young people;
  4. It has strengthened the organizational management of the partners involved ensuring sustainable results for their work;
  5. It has fostered international cooperation between youth organizations from different countries and promoted social entrepreneurship among young people;
  6. It has strengthen the network between youth organizations from Programme and Partner countries under the Erasmus+ Programme.


The project included a set of 3 activities to be implemented between 1st June 2014 and 1st June of 2016.

The first activity was a training course (A1 – Women Got the Power) designed to build social inclusive organizations that would be able to promote social entrepreneurship especially among the groups of young people for whom is natural to become entrepreneurs. The training has given the participants (youth leaders / workers) tools to empower young women to take an active roles in their life and in their communities through social entrepreneurship. This Activity took place in Republic of Moldova from 12th to 20th October, 2014.

The second activity (A4 – From You to Youth) was a training course focusing in building leadership in young people and enable them to lead social businesses in the local community, enhancing their active citizenship and social inclusion giving youth leaders necessary methods and insights in this regard. The training was held in Visnes, Norway from 12th to 19th of April, 2016.

The last activity (A5 – Innovate the Future) addressed the partners identified need of strengthening their organizations capacity to respond to changes and challenges in local society through innovation and social entrepreneurship. The training course focused in giving youth leaders methods, tools and practices in this regard and was implemented in Visnes, Norway between 22nd til 29th of April, 2016.

In total the project involved 84 participants (trainers, experts, youth workers, leaders and volunteers) from 16 countries.



After each activity, there was a written evaluation with a set of 7 groups of questions. The level of achievement was given by a scale from 1 to 4 (being 1 bad and 4 very good). The final scores were summarized in a percentage (Bad 0-25%; Need Improvement 26-50%; Good 51-75% and Very Good 76-100%).

The participants have evaluated the activities of the project as follows:

 A1 69% Good 64% 71% 77% 62% 69% 70% 70%
 A4 86% Very Good 81% 85% 88% 85% 86% 93% 86%
A5 88% Very Good 85% 85% 89% 84% 88% 93% 91%


The available budget was 468,235,00 NOK

Travel Costs:

Activity Costs:

Exceptional Costs:

Administrative Costs:


The project has been funded with support from the European Commission and the Norwegian National Agency with the ERASMUS+ Programme.


DISCLAIMER: The materials produced in this project contain beneficiary opinions and views and neither the Norwegian National Agency or the European Commission may be held responsible for content.