Hair in the air

NGO Hair in the air is established 2011 by local youngsters with background in non formal education, formal education, theater activities and entrepreneurship.

NGO Hair in the air is a platform to create social important project for self development, peers and society in order to support active citizenship.

In 2011 organization realized regional project “My career in rural area” for Latvian young people in order to promote active citizenship in rural areas.

In 2011 NGO participated in international education project “” in Ukraine, Odessa for three months. It was a significant international project for developing Ukrainian young people active participation in society by implementing several youth initiatives. Using this professional experience, knowledge and personal contacts NGO “Hair in the air” motivated local youngsters to create an informal group of local Ukrainian youngsters in order to participate European projects for active citizenship and cooperation with Neighboring EU countries. In result was created an informal group of local youngsters “Young Ukrainian leaders” that participates with NGO “Hair in the air” in youth exchange “my career=my business” in Estonia (August, 2012). NGO “Hair in the air” facilitates “Young Ukrainian leaders” for creating a NGO in local society.