VENUE: Yerevan
COUNTRY: Armenia
DATE: 28 Oct. - 05 Nov., 2017
STATUS: Registration Closed






Balcony Hostel, Yerevan, Armenia   View map


  • Hosting Organizations:
    • Foreign Students of Luxemburg, Academy of innovation, Anefore, World Independent Youth Union 
  • Funding Programme: Erasmus+ Program
  • Action: KA1 – Mobility of learners and staff
  • Nr of Participating Countries: 11
  • Nr. of Participants from Norway: 2


LTTC “COACHING FOR CHANGE Revision” aims at building competences for youth empowerment through coaching techniques in order to address the problematic issues of nowadays and to build a stable and productive co-working platform for educators. We see coaching as an essential youth worker’s skill, as you will be able to use your competences in many youth work areas such as learning for success, employability and entrepreneurship, inspirational leadership, as well as in building soft skills such as efficient communication, self-esteem and networking. The course is designed for 28 educators coming from Luxembourg, Russian Federation, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Hungary, Sweden, Czech Republic, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark.

ACTIVITY 2 – Training Course 19-27 May 2018. This training course is a continuation of a 1st training course that took place in Yerevan, Armenia from 28th Oct. – 05th Nov. 2017.

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  • To learn what coaching is and how it can be applied to the daily youth work;
  • To build a necessary set of competences for proficient use of non-formal education instruments and tools for youth empowerment at local level
  • To strengthen the learning process by implementing the full coaching cycle
  • To work on personal and professional development in order to improve their’ and others’ employability prospects
  • To raise awareness of the entrepreneurial learning potential with coaching tools
  • To unite efforts of youth workers coming from formal and other youth field backgrounds for youth empowerment at local level by using coaching principles
  • To build a cross sectorial network and to create joined actions to address in current challenges
  • To improve the level of key competences and skills of young people, including those with fewer opportunities as well as to promote participation in democratic life in Europe and the labor market, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity, in particular through increased learning mobility opportunities for young people, those active in youth work and organizations and youth leaders, and through strengthening the links between youth field and the labor market
  • To foster quality improvements in the youth work, in particular through enhanced cooperation between organizations in the youth field and other stakeholders.


The sessions will be conducted in English


Youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers with residence in the following partner countries: Luxembourg, Russian Federation, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Hungary, Sweden, Czech Republic, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark.


  1. The project covers all expenses regarding travel, accommodation, and food during the activities;
  2. Participants are requested to cover the remaining travel costs above the stipulated budget
  3. Participation in this activity has a registration fee of 50 EUR


  1. Some experience in the topic of youth empowerment and high motivation to explore this topic and the topic of coaching
  2. Shared expectations and clearly defined learning needs
  3. Openness for and appreciation of non-formal learning process in high diversity context
  4. Commitment to go through whole coaching cycle
  5. Commitment to reflect on the personal learning process and ability to assess critically learning outcomes
  6. High commitment to follow up activities and networking

Priority will be given to participants facing at least one of the following situations that make participation in this activity more difficult (Economic obstacles; Educational difficulties; Geographical obstacles; Cultural differences; Social obstacles; Health problems; Disability)


The participants attending this course will receive a Youthpass certificate.




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