VENUE: Visnes
DATE: 22-30 April, 2016
STATUS: Registration Closed

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7 days + 2 travel days
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Ijhaz Mohideen
Board Member


Visnesvegen 370, 4262 Visnes, Norge   View map




“Innovate the Future” is a training course that will gather 24 youth leaders from Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Greece and The Netherlands.

This training builds capacity of the partner organizations to respond to challenges and changes in the local community through innovation and social entrepreneurship.

The training includes such elements as forecasting methods, innovation through social entrepreneurship, innovation and social entrepreneurship Erasmus+ programme.

Read more about the project – (CLICK HERE)


  • Participants will get tools to build personal leadership in young people and empower them to take an active lead in the local community through social entrepreneurship;
  • Participants will get tools and best practices to promote social entrepreneurship among groups for whom is not natural to become entrepreneurs;
  • Participants will get best practice to promote social entrepreneurship from experienced entrepreneurs;
  • Participants will get tools, methods and insights on how to respond through their organizations to challenges faced by the young people through innovation and social entrepreneurship;

In addition, participants are expected to develop some other competences as described below:

  • Sense of initiative: participants will get a wide range of tools, methods and practices to promote social entrepreneurship among young people in the local community and that will motivate them to further develop local initiatives. Alongside, participants will deepen their understandings upon the Erasmus+ programme, youth sector, and will be capacitated to address local needs meeting the priorities of the programme.
  • Awareness of different cultural aspects and expression: The participants will have chance to communicate and work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. They will learn different aspects from each other and develop their cultural awareness. Different activities, such as intercultural evening and developing group games between different countries’ members, will help to build encouraged environment for participants to express themselves and interact each other. Also they will have chance to interact with people who live near project venue and explore a different culture.
  • Learning to learn: The participants will learn how to communicate and share their ideas in a better way and use their initiatives by working in groups on a well designed projects. The different methods applied, such as group discussions, group work, interactive presentations, creative games will made participants aware of which methods suits them best and further explore them in their learning.
  • Communication in foreign language: The participants will get chance to improve their English communication skills and also learn some basic phases in languages of the project country and other participants.


The sessions will be conducted in English.


Youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers with residence in the partner countries

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  1. The project covers all expenses regarding travel, accommodation and food during the activities;
  2. Participation in this activity has a registration fee of 300 NOK (only for Norwegian participants).
  3. Participants are requested to cover the remaining travel costs above the stipulated budget till the venue (check the available budget in this link);


  1. Participants should be highly motivated to participate in the activity and follow up activities.
  2. Participants should be able to communicate fairly in English language.
  3. Participants should be involved with their sending organization and willing to develop activities for young people in their local communities.
  4. Participants should be willing to improve their skills and competencies.
  5. Participants should be motivated to meet with people from other cultures / countries.
  6. Priority will be given to participants facing at least one of the following situations that make participation in this activity more difficult (Economic obstacles; Educational difficulties; Geographical obstacles; Cultural differences; Social obstacles; Health problems; Disability)


The participants attending this course will receive a Youthpass certificate.



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