I HAVE A DREAM - Life Coaching for Youth

VENUE: Visnes
DATE: 22-30 November, 2016
STATUS: Registration closed


7 days + 2 travel days


Ijhaz Mohideen
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Visnesvegen 370, 4262 Visnes, Norge   View map


I Have a Dream – Life Coaching for Youth” is an Erasmus+ Programme – KA1 training course to be held in Visnes, Norway during Autumn of 2016. It will gather 33 youth workers, youth leaders, educators and volunteers from 13 countries from European Countries.

The aim is to give tools to participants dealing with young people, to better understand and unlock their potential using methods that trigger the power of the mind and body in order to facilitate them to become active citizens and fully participate in our globalized multi-cultural society.

The training course will include various non-formal education methods such as ice-breakers and energizers, team building exercises, small group discussions, role-plays, individual exercises and reflection, feedback and evaluation activities.

This project will be an excellent opportunity to develop key competences and to share good practices across Europe, to develop strong relationships between partners and so to multiply the effects of the course by increasing the cooperation between partners through the development of new projects and initiatives.

Read more about the project – (CLICK HERE)


The training course “I Have a Dream – Life Coaching for Young People” is a structured 8 module program with 8 specific objectives:

  • Module 1 – Self Discovery
    Give tools to deepen the understanding of an individual’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities (dreams), and Threats (Challenges). In the first module the participants are invited to go deep within and discover themselves, their inner strengths, weaknesses, their dreams and aspirations and the challenges they will face in order to realize these dreams.
  • Module 2 – Visualisation
    Give Visualization Techniques – Learning to visualize a more desirable life. Focuses on the importance of having a vision, making vision boards and how to use visualization techniques effectively in order to start to believe in oneself.
  • Module 3 – Time management
    Explore relevant techniques of Time Management. Participants learn the importance of time management, numerous time management techniques and a detailed guide on how to keep a structured daily journal which acts as a measure in the journey of pursuing a dream.
  • Module 4 – Goal setting
    Explore Goal Setting – The art of setting and accomplishing goals.
  • Module 5 – Power of movement and stillness
    Understand how movement and stillness can affect the body mind function. Emphasise the importance and benefits obtained through movement and stillness. This module essentially aims at teaching the participants techniques for relaxing the body and mind. This is done throughout a series of high intensity physical movements such as dance, martial arts and fun games combined with periods with still mindfulness in order to find ones center.
  • Module 6 – Balancing brain hemispheres
    Learning to improve the engagement of all hemispheres of the brain. Is about learning how to coordinate the brains two hemispheres and synchronize the lower and frontal areas of the brain through a variety of juggling techniques , musical instruments and languages.
  • Module 7 – Ethics
    Understanding how choices made in life affect life experiences.
  • Module 8 – Balance
    Explore life roles – Learn the art of balancing all the different roles we play in life. The last module is about the importance of balancing all the different roles we play in life every day and the techniques to do so. Course participants will be guided on identifying the different roles they have to play, grading each role as it stands at present, designing a wheel of life chart and how to balance the circle.


The sessions will be conducted in English.


  1. The project covers all expenses regarding travel, accommodation and food during the activities;
  2. Participants are requested to cover the remaining travel costs above the stipulated budget till the venue (check the available budget in this link);
  3. Each Partner organization must pre select 2 participants (gender balanced) until 1 November (click here to find out the list of partners).
  4. Participants must be at least 18 years old.
  5. Participants must sign a learning agreement. DOWNLOAD HERE


  1. Participants should be highly motivated to participate in the activity and follow up activities.
  2. Participants should be able to communicate fairly in English language.
  3. Participants should be involved with their sending organization and willing to develop activities for young people the local community.
  4. Participants should be willing to improve their skills and competencies.
  5. Participants should be motivated to meet with people from other cultures / countries.

Candidates that do not meet the requirements above will not be considered and hence taken off the list.

Priority will be given to participants facing at least one of the following situations that make participation in this activity more difficult (Economic obstacles; Educational difficulties; Geographical obstacles; Cultural differences; Social obstacles; Health problems; Disability)


The participants attending this course will receive a Youthpass certificate.



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Registration should be submitted until 1 November, 2016. The selected candidates will receive a confirmation email.


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