Call for partners – Training Course – YOUth emPOWERment – Norway


Key Action 1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals

  • What: training course + seminar
  • When: Spring/Summer 2016
  • Where: Stavanger , Norway


1 October, 2015


Whilst trying to discover the link between self-awareness and combating youth unemployment, attendees of the course agreed that support and guidance given to young people is necessary nowadays more than ever. Not only can it help them develop full potentials, but it is likely to also positively affect the society in general. Therefore with the proposed mobility we wish to gather representatives of youth NGOs and other practitioners in the youth field (e.g. coaches, trainers, mentors, councilors, etc.) so as to develop our capacities in the fields of guidance and youth empowerment.

How to Apply

If you are interested in the topic of the proposed project, please do the following:


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Already in 450 BC Confucius was teaching a very important lesson by saying: ‘Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand’. It seems, though, that nowadays there is a need to add one more line, namely: ‘Empower me and I will start walking on my own.’

Where does the need to redefine the old saying come from? As stated by Danny Dorling (Oxford University Professor) in his article on youth unemployment: ‘In many material ways the young people of Europe are the best-off generation, the first to live all their life with access to the internet, most of them in heated homes with hot running water, well clothed, well fed, and entertained, even many of the very poorest. (source:

Great as may sound, all these come parallel to the increasing pressures existing within our societies and therefore exert negative impact on thousands of young people out there.

Things such as: push for education and degrees, high family expectations, need to comply with the social norms or even unstable political and economic situation, take tremendous toll on young people’s behaviour and overall well-being. Not surprisingly then thousands of youth nowadays are simply lost and instead of following their passions and interests, they end up in a typical rat race chasing somebody else’ dreams rather than their own. Unfortunately, this comes at the huge emotional and mental expense of falling into depression, diminishing ones self-esteem and self-worth, experiencing identity crisis, losing the will to do anything, etc.

Aim & Objectives

  • reflecting upon the situation of young people nowadays so as to better understand the need for support and guidance in pursing their passions, talents, etc.
  •  equipping youth work practitioners with a set of creative tools and methods related to youth empowerment (particularly in the areas of mentoring and coaching, visualizations, mindfulness as well as emotional intelligence)
  • exchanging further tools and best practices in the area of youth empowerment and supporting young people’s personal and professional development
  • facilitating networking between partner promoters and development of strategies for the future joint projects aimed at youth guidance and support


  1. Partners must accept conditions stated on the registration form
  2. Partners should be highly motivated to participate in the dissemination and follow up activities.
  3. Partners have to have high interest toward youth work/education and motivation to work with non formal education.

Candidates that do not meet the requirements above will not be considered and hence taken off the list.

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Deadline for applications

Applications should be filled in until 27 September, 2015. 

Send the mandate to till 28th September the latest.

The selected candidates will be announced until 29th September 2015.

Contact person

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at: | +47 98 84 09 75