CADDRU – The Assistance Centre for Sustainable Development & Human Resources

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The Assistance Centre for Sustainable Development and Human Resources has as a mission “Capacity building for European Funds absorption in Romania”.

Mission Statement:

In order to reach this objective, we focus on three levels of activity:
• Forming (training, coaching, mentoring)
• Informing (news, website, networking,etc.)
• Performing (consultancy, technical assistance)
Our offer includes training services, technical assistance, informing, counselling, consultancy and related services for elaborating and implementing projects financed through the European Structural Instruments. A very young organisation, founded in 2007, CADDRU has developed over 12 projects.

Projects & Activities:

„ProActive 2007” was a training programme to form young experts in the field of European Funds. The Project lasted one year and
successfully finished this year. The target groups was formed of 10 young people. 5 of them successfully applied for european
funding as a direct result of this programme.

The Euopean Funds Portal is a eContent Project, also finalized. The portal is functional and very complex and can be visited online at The project was financed from internal resources, budgeted at roughly 12 000 euro.

E.U. Comunic – will contribute to a better understanding and acceptance of minority cultural groups and also will provide the know
how for further development of intercultural projects. The project aims to develop abilities for intercultural dialogue and targets a
group of twenty young people from four different ethnic groups (Rroma, Serbians, Hungarians, etc) in Romania. The project will take
place in Toplita-Secu, Paltinis and other locations, starting 1st July 2008 until 1st of March 2009. The project is financed by the
Youth in Action Programme, under Action 1.2, budgeted at roughly 10000 euro.


CADDRU has a team of 12 active members, with excelent competencies in project management, acquired in over 10 years of
experience in various projects (several Phare projects, several Governmental projects, Compass, Balkan Trust, UNDP, UNICEF, British
Council), varying from very small projects (around 10000 euros) to large ones (complex projects of 16 and 21 milion euros).


The course focuses upon youth capacity to map their way in order to achieve their personal and professional goal. The project
involves several partner organisations, each organisation having particular experience in Time Management, Leadership and
Communication, but without a perfect understanding of the three aspects fitted together as the pieces of a puzzle. Joining our
efforts, we try to provide a guide and planning tool for participants in order to increase their personal self-determination and
improve their own independence. The main reason of implementing this project is the desire to have a Europe of Europeans engaged
in building an environment based on innovation and creativity, not just passive spectators. We can say that volunteering is a first
step in this direction, contributing to a positive change, the volunteers being often “responsible” for developing innovative ways to
respond to needs arising in society.


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