Asociacion Juvenil Vrenza

Vrenza is a youth association founded in teo in 1991.

It was born as a direct result of the needs & desires of a group of youngsters who felt the need to express their needs of cultural knowledge of the different cultures which form part of the European community.

Other objectives arose, centred above all, in the cultural knowledge of our country, as well as other subjects which are of interest to young people. In order to achive this, a whole series of activities were initiated by the association, such as: youth exchanges, both within galicia as well as abroad, trips throughout galicia, conferences, talks, sales of books, youth integration activities…and many other cooperations within the former Youth Program (nowadays Youth in Action Program).

We have also participated actively in Grundtvig programs, as well as Citizens.

As a result of our aim & need for inform the young people of Teo, we started up many activities for them: we became a youth information point named by the Ministry of Family, Women & Youth of the autonomous goverment (Xunta de Galicia).

At this information point, young people are able to obtain updated information on all the current activities available to them, as well as any other type of information which they may require: employment, grants, European opportunities, Eures network…

We recently got the accreditation to become a sending, coordinator and hosting organization within the European Volunteering Service.

Soonly we will host our first foreign volunteers. Our next step will be to put Vrenza on the internet by developing the upcoming project “Vrenza 2.0”