Armenian Progressive Youth


Armenian progressive youth’’ NGO is based on the common interests of the individuals. The principles of organization’s activity are legality, voluntary, equality of rights, self-governing, publicity. The main objectives of our NGO are: to inform youth about international conferences, seminars, educational perspectives and other events, to organize scientific meetings, round-tables, seminars and lectures on various issues, to promote intercultural dialogue in our society and implement intercultural projects in Armenia and Europe. Our organization works with different groups: volunteers, young people, students, youth workers, etc.

We are trying to involve young people in different civic processes, especially the process of democratization of our country and we see intercultural dialogue as the best tool for it. We use different methods to promote respect towards other cultures and minorities. One of them is media tool. We are creating short movies. Our young journalists and directors are trying to improve their knowledge and get more skills to create better movies. Now our volunteers are working on their movies on different issues.