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The Anna Lindh Foundation purpose is to bring people together from across the Mediterranean to improve mutual respect between cultures. Since its launch in 2005, the Anna Lindh Foundation has launched and supported action across fields impacting on mutual perceptions among people of different cultures and beliefs, as well as developing a region-wide Network of over 3000 civil society organisations.

The “Anna Lindh Review 2005-2011” was published by the Anna Lindh Foundation with the aim of consolidating and communicating the main achievements of the Anna Lindh Foundation and its National Networks since its inauguration in 2005.

The publication is organised around the following mains sections:

  • Foreword
  • Fields of Action (Education and Youth, Culture and Artistic Mobility, Media and Public Opinion, Migration and Citizenship, Culture of Peace, Religion and Spirituality, Academic Cooperation)
  • Regional Campaigns (1001 Actions for Dialogue Campaign, Restore Trust, Rebuild Bridges Initiative, Dialogue 21 for Youth, Cross Border Arts, Act for Citizenship)
  • Flagship Initiatives (Anna Lindh Forum, Report on Intercultural Trends, EuroMedCivil Society Award, Anna Lindh Journalist Award, Children’s Literature Programme)
  • Resources, Grants and Tools (Anna Lindh Grants Programme, Publications and Handbooks, Website and Online Media Tools)
  • 43 Countries / 43 Networks (Albania, Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mauritania, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom)
  • Governance, Management and Financing (Governance and Management, Contributions,  Allocation of Financial Resources)

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